My Small Tasks

So in my last post I mentioned that I was set tasks to perform for John in order to get into the submissive mindset, this post will tell you all what I was told to do…

Firstly I was given very basic tasks to perform such as changing into my night clothes and going to sleep when I was told to do so. This at first felt strange, being told what time to go to sleep but I very quickly started to enjoy it.

Next came slightly more complicated tasks such as not shaving down there. I was normally pretty proud of my smooth little patch but John wanted to me grow a little bit of hair down there, not that I minded as such but it was just a strange thought, yet exciting that I was priming my pussy for someone who had never even seen it, let alone touched it.

Once I had completed these tasks then John set about becoming more detailed and forceful with his requests, he emailed me a link to some lesbian porn which he thought I might like, and told me to watch it for five minutes whilst playing, then to rub Vaseline onto my pussy and leave it whilst I went to read something, then after half an hour to come back to playing.
He was edging me, slowly using my own body against me. Exciting yet so hard to control myself. I loved orgasming and ached to do so at every opportunity.

The most complicated task John ever set for me prior to us meeting was he told me to drink a pint of water before bedtime, then to sleep and to wake up a few hours later, to go to the toilet and then to kneel in front of my mirror and to play with myself to orgasm and to sleep afterwards.

This was immensely difficult, as not only did it involve me drinking lots of water, which is always a struggle but it involved me getting up after only a few hours of sleep! I did as I was told however, dragging myself out of bed (though the urge to go to the toilet was helping shift me out of bed) and I knelt in front of the mirror a few moments later.

I looked at myself in the mirror, dressed in just a nightdress, and began touching myself for him. The thought crossed my mind to stop being so silly and to go back to my old life of being a lesbian, but as I became hornier then the urge to submit took over and I could imagine what it would be like to kneel in front of him looking like this, in the early hours of the morning, horny and wanting to get laid.

Those thoughts rushed away from me and within moments I had already orgasmed all over myself, soaking my nightdress which I had to immediately take off and slip into bed a hot mess. I quickly fell asleep and knew that in three days, on Saturday I would meet him for the first time

My Small Tasks