First Meet

Today was the day, after weeks of emailing and talking on the phone it all boiled down to today. Today I would meet him, John, my potential Master and Dominant.

I never mentioned this in my previous posts but one thing that John had wanted of me was to be an adult teenager. Kind of like being a little, except my age would be something like 15/16. This is why he wanted my pussy to be slightly hairy. He also wanted me to wear flowery underwear, something sweet and innocent, yet still sexy.

He had frequently mentioned wanting me to wear outfits; schoolgirl, cheerleader etc. I had told him that while I was a connoisseur of sexy outfits I didn’t have the cheerleader outfit (and he didn’t approve of my schoolgirl one).

Our first meet we had arranged to meet for coffee, and then go shopping for his favoured outfits. I thought that this would be a good way to not only get to know one another, but also have a fun day out where we could fantasize about these outfits and what he’d do to me.

I wore a white top, a tan skirt, black leggings and tan boots. He wanted me to wear something that made me look pretty and smart. This is what I had chosen.

I got to the coffee shop five minutes early and couldn’t see him anywhere. I text him and told him I was there. He quickly text back and said he was just parking his car and to order him a cappuccino. I also had a cappuccino and when the drinks came I went and sat down, reading on my phone and started to sip on my coffee.

He came in a few minutes later and spotted me. I stood up and kissed his cheek as he kissed mine back and slid his hand down my back. He was 6ft 1, thick dark brown hair, though going grey at the temples, blue eyes and slim but toned. For a man he was attractive and I couldn’t help but be pleased that he was like his pictures.

We discussed pretty vanilla things over coffee, though I was so used to hearing his voice order me about that every so often I couldn’t help but want him to tell me to touch myself or other command.

We spent about an hour talking over coffee before we went shopping. He walked in front of me, leading me out of the coffee shop but opened the door for me, and firmly placed his hand on my ass as I walked past him. He didn’t see but I couldn’t help but smile.

He led me to a well known sexual outfitters and dragged me inside. We perused the outfits on display and I could see many for my collection that I would have liked, but we were here for a cheerleaders outfit and so I abruptly stopped lusting and started looking. Neither of us could find one, and so John had to ask the store assistant. She was a cute little thing, probably just only 18 or 19 and I couldn’t help but flirt with her, my lesbian side coming out after being slightly repressed as of late. She rummaged through the aisles and eventually found a few, they were navy blue, with a big ‘Cheer’ emblazoned across the front, yellow hems around the skirt and arms. John smiled as he saw it and the only one they had was in a size below mine.

John saw that I was flirting and asked the attendant to help me try it on, pointing out that looked like it needed two people as it was fiddly and obviously he couldn’t step in the changing rooms as he was male.

She agreed, but said that she couldn’t be too long helping me as she had to manage the store. We went into the changing rooms, I went in alone and stripped off, putting the outfit on as best as I could, then as I needed help I called her in.
She opened the curtain and saw the outfit was 90% on, just not quite on around my waist. She came close to me and knelt down, tugging at the outfit to get it on me. She looked up at me with her pretty eyes and all I wanted to do was grab her hair and force her to eat me. She gazed at my underwear, noting that they were cute and stood up after getting the outfit to go on me. She was inches away from me and my hands couldn’t help but hold her waist, my lips inches away from hers.

She was blushing and as I went to lean in to kiss her she moved away, noting that she had been gone for too long. She left the changing rooms and I followed her, showing John the outfit. He smiled greatly, making a comment about us being in there a long while but following it quickly with the fact that he thought the outfit looked great on me. I smiled, looked at the attendant and nodded in her direction, well its all thanks to her.

I asked her to help me take it off but she politely refused, stating that she had to tend the store. I asked how I would take the dress off and she said that on this one occasion John would be allowed to go into the changing rooms and take it off me.

So that’s exactly what we did.. I walked back into the changing rooms and took off what I could, then ushered John in to help me take off the rest. He helped pull the outfit off of me, and I was left standing there in my underwear, which he also noticed that they were the cute, flowery ones he liked.

He admired me, and upon glancing down I noticed that he was getting hard. He saw me looking and whispered to me “Do you want to taste your first ever cock?” the words he spoke shook right through me. Did I want to forfeit my gold star for a horny romp in a changing room? Or would this be the start of something?

I was feeling horny from the anticipation about meeting John anyway but that little brush with the attendant and her teasing me by walking away left me achingly wet.

All I could do was bite my lip and nod and with that John grabbed my hair and brought me to my knees…

First Meet

My Small Tasks

So in my last post I mentioned that I was set tasks to perform for John in order to get into the submissive mindset, this post will tell you all what I was told to do…

Firstly I was given very basic tasks to perform such as changing into my night clothes and going to sleep when I was told to do so. This at first felt strange, being told what time to go to sleep but I very quickly started to enjoy it.

Next came slightly more complicated tasks such as not shaving down there. I was normally pretty proud of my smooth little patch but John wanted to me grow a little bit of hair down there, not that I minded as such but it was just a strange thought, yet exciting that I was priming my pussy for someone who had never even seen it, let alone touched it.

Once I had completed these tasks then John set about becoming more detailed and forceful with his requests, he emailed me a link to some lesbian porn which he thought I might like, and told me to watch it for five minutes whilst playing, then to rub Vaseline onto my pussy and leave it whilst I went to read something, then after half an hour to come back to playing.
He was edging me, slowly using my own body against me. Exciting yet so hard to control myself. I loved orgasming and ached to do so at every opportunity.

The most complicated task John ever set for me prior to us meeting was he told me to drink a pint of water before bedtime, then to sleep and to wake up a few hours later, to go to the toilet and then to kneel in front of my mirror and to play with myself to orgasm and to sleep afterwards.

This was immensely difficult, as not only did it involve me drinking lots of water, which is always a struggle but it involved me getting up after only a few hours of sleep! I did as I was told however, dragging myself out of bed (though the urge to go to the toilet was helping shift me out of bed) and I knelt in front of the mirror a few moments later.

I looked at myself in the mirror, dressed in just a nightdress, and began touching myself for him. The thought crossed my mind to stop being so silly and to go back to my old life of being a lesbian, but as I became hornier then the urge to submit took over and I could imagine what it would be like to kneel in front of him looking like this, in the early hours of the morning, horny and wanting to get laid.

Those thoughts rushed away from me and within moments I had already orgasmed all over myself, soaking my nightdress which I had to immediately take off and slip into bed a hot mess. I quickly fell asleep and knew that in three days, on Saturday I would meet him for the first time

My Small Tasks


Dear Readers,

I am at the time of writing 21 years old, and as of 1 month ago I was a ‘gold star’ lesbian (For those of you who don’t know this means that I’d never been with a man).

You might be wondering why I am no longer a gold star lesbian and this is my account of how that came to be.

A male friend of mine Stephen is a Dom who has been on a fetish website and on there he came across a lovely gentleman named John who was looking for a submissive female to be his.
My friend began chatting to John about me, unbeknownst to me of course. Stephen told John all about me, what I was into, what my fantasies were etc.

Then a few days later Stephen came to me and told me that he had been chatting to John about me, at first I was both intrigued about John and furious that he had spilled all of my secrets.

Stephen gave me John’s number and told me to text him and at least see what he had to say for himself. I toyed with the idea – I had never been with a man before but what Stephen knew is that I had deep, dark fantasies of being controlled by a man, despite my obvious sexuality choices.

A few days went by and my curiosity got the better of me. I text John, told him that it was me and just simply asked how he was.

We got chatting and as he knew what I was into the conversations quickly escalated from just general chat to him telling me what he was into and what he wanted, which was a 24/7 submissive female to serve him. I told him that while I was intrigued by that way of life I did like girls and I wouldn’t want to give that up.

He thoroughly understood that and even applauded it, stating that if we were to go any further then he would let me play with girls the majority of the time but of course he would be the only man I would be allowed to be with.

I agreed at those terms, excited that I would still be allowed to have girls over to play with and he wouldn’t interfere with that side of me.

We talked thoroughly and at great lengths about what he would expect of me, what rules I would have to follow and how to obey his commands. I agreed and said that I would like to try it, but online at first.

Over the coming weeks he gave me little tasks to do, less about showing him a picture and more about getting me in the mindset of a sub. He told me what to wear, what time to get up and laid out specific plans for how I should play. (This will all be explained in my next post)

I did as I was told and it felt so great to give myself up to someone and also very very sexy that I was doing all of those things for someone.


I will leave this post here and explain next time how John made me get into the mindset of a sub.

Know that over the coming posts and throughout this entire journal I will tell you my journey. I hope you enjoy reading, and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or get in touch (I’ll post social links soon)